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Throughout the pandemic, millions of homeowners utilized the mortgage forbearance options provided by the CARES Act and other pandemic relief legislation. However, forbearance is not forgiveness, and many of those 6, 12, and 18-month forbearances are coming due this fall. This leads to the question:

Now What?

It's so important that you know your options. For details of repayment options, talk with your mortgage provider/servicer.

If balloon payments, higher payments, and extending your current mortgage don't sound like appealing options, remember: You have the freedom of another option. An option that frees you of the fees, interest, and extending your current mortgage. 

During the pandemic, the value of your home likely skyrocketed. This

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Buying and selling real estate is a big deal! For most of us, real estate constitutes the largest purchase of our lives.

Are you working with the right person to guide you through the process? 

Is your agent focused on YOU? When you look at their fliers and marketing materials, do you get a sense of how much value they added to their clients or how much money they made in commissions?


Are they focused on showing you the most expensive homes with the highest commission rates or the RIGHT home for you and your family? Are they available for your calls, texts, emails, questions, and to show you homes as soon as they come on the market? Does your agent understand what is important to YOU in buying and selling your home? Is your agent

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While it is 100% true that the market has softened up for buyers, it is still a very strong sellers' market! Not as many homes are seeing the ja

w-dropping bidding wars that we saw earlier this year, but they do still exist. Plus, homes are selling for 24-54.2% higher than in 2019 and homes (especially single-family homes) are selling quickly!

More Listings = Sellers don't have to ask themselves,

"If I sell, where will I go?"


According to the latest NWMLS press release:

"While dangerous to compare 2020 lockdown figures to this year, it is interesting to see that new listings volume is starting to rise above 2019 levels," observed James Young, director of the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at the University of

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If you have been waiting to buy, NOW is your time!

But Remember: It matters who you hire to represent you!

There's nothing like the joy of helping my buyers score their dream home! Negotiating, writing competitive (& creative) offers, working with the best team, and winning the bid don't just happen by accident. Those are skills and acts done with intentionality. 

In a frenzied market where houses have been selling for $100,000 - $1,000,000 OVER the asking price, I have helped my clients get into their dream homes for THE asking price and within $500 of the asking price. My buyers were NOT always the highest offer on the table and they didn't always waive every contingency. Due diligence is important! Knowing how to win the bid is important!

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  •          Double-digit price hikes were widespread.
  •          Mutually accepted offers surge 40.6% compared to February.
  •          The drop in the number of active listings between now and last year is extraordinary.
  •          Statistics show a 55.9% decline in total active listings, shrinking from 9,418 at the end of March 2020 to 4,153 at month-end March 2021.
  •          Seattle/Bellevue region now ranks #1 in technology office space leases, eclipsing San Francisco
  •          Median prices system-wide surged 19.5% compared to a year ago.

KIRKLAND, Washington – Brokers with Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) added 10,562 new listings to inventory during March -- the highest volume since September when they added 11,210

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Dear Klahanie Homeowners,

You know the housing market is hot. You saw the white sign posted in your neighbor's yard and then noticed it disappear almost as fast as it appeared. You have heard rumors from neighbors about how much other Klahanie homeowners are getting for their homes. You checked Zillow and Redfin for your home value but wondered if their numbers can even keep up with this market. ProTip: You can get an instant valuation HERE or, for the most precise and accurate valuation, contact me HERE (or just text/call me at 316-737-8545) for free, no-obligation market analysis and valuation of your home. 

As a Klahanie resident, I am intimately familiar with the stats in our neighborhood. The fact is: we live in a VERY desirable community.

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Owning a home may be your dream, but in order for the purchase to be the happy and satisfying experience it was meant to be, you need to ensure that you are financially and mentally prepared for the responsibilities that come with it.

Some people have a notion that home ownership is like renting, but with the power to have pets and paint the walls whatever color you like. However, while these privileges are available to homeowners in most municipalities, they come with the responsibilities of a mortgage, taxes, and home maintenance. Preparing for home ownership requires you to take critical stock of your finances and your expectations.

CLICK HERE to search the current inventory of homes on the market.

Questions for Prospective Homeowners

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You may not have found a four-leaf clover or the end of a rainbow but you could still be sitting on (or sleeping in) your own pot of gold -- in the form of real estate. Whether you are an investor or simply own your own home, you may not realize that you have a tremendous amount of equity in your property. This is true no matter the size of your property or when you bought it. You may even be surprised by the incredible equity you have even if you just bought your home last year.

Let's get down to the facts from February 2021... 

Klahanie Houses

KLAHANIE IS HOT! In February 2021, Klahanie houses only stayed on the market for an average of 6 days! In actuality, this number would likely be even smaller but homeowners are choosing to wait for

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Without a doubt, the Pacific Northwest is an incredible place to live, work, and play. It's no secret that massive numbers of people have been Saying YES to the Houses in this area. This housing market has gotten so hot that Bidding Wars are expected on most homes that go on the market and homeowners can even Name Their Selling Price.  The latest stats for Klahanie, Issaquah, and Sammamish show the details of this crazy market and the expectation that this seller's market is likely to continue. 

Spring and Summer in the Pacific Northwest are simply unbeatable! Now that we are not under such strict quarantine, it's time to get out, explore, adventure, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us! Issaquah, Sammamish, Klahanie, and the Eastside are such

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"And that's the iconic Smith Tower. When it was originally built, it was the tallest tower west of the Mississippi River." I can still hear my mom saying those exact words as we carted out-of-town family around Seattle pointing out all of the tourist and historical points of interest. I was never actually sure whether she was making up that story about the Smith Tower or if it was true, but I made the same statements as an adult when I drove out-of-town family members around the city.

Turns out: it's true. When it opened on July 4, 1914, the Smith Tower standing 486' tall (to the very tip) was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. 

Now, YOU could be the proud resident in the pyramid-shaped penthouse of the iconic Smith Tower!

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